IPL: Who is Going to Bowl in Super Over 2020

Here is the list of these players who can successfully complete their team in IPL.

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1. Mohammed Shami – Kings XI.  Punjab

There is no doubt that Mohammed Shami rediscovered himself in 2019. His speed, precision, and stability have taken it to a new level.  In all formats for Team India, the performance was really commendable throughout the year.  For example, he played 8 in friendly matches and took a total of 33 gates.

However, the Indian Premier League still has a lot to win.  With 40 goals in his name, he set a remarkable league record in which he played 49 games.  But the Shami that came out in 2019 will surely improve those numbers.  And in all likelihood, it will be that way.  During the 2020 season of the tournament, he will lead the bowling attack for Punjab.

Shami’s new bowling talent, combined with his good pace and ability to consistently hit the right areas, make him the bowling alley for Kings XI.  He has players in his attack who can generate an extra pair of speed, but the stature that Shami has grown over the past year will make him the bowler’s choice.

2  Bhuvaneshwar Kumar – Sunrisers Hyderabad

Uttar Pradesh swing master Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been an important part of bowling for Sunrisers Hyderabad. After getting signed by the team in 2014, he was doing well for the franchise.

Soon he got appointed as vice-captain of the team and even led the team in certain games when the captain was not available.

After almost a year in international cricket, he wants to get it going in the next IPL season.  Bhuvi, the two-time winner of the purple cap, is the type you can trust with the ball at every stage of the game.  Regardless of whether it’s a complete death or a challenge for the first power play, it will always be up to the task and will do its best every time.

He will lead the Sunrisers bowling attack with full experience in the bowling unit, especially the fast bowlers.  And given the capabilities of Bhuvi, Captain Kane Williamson is not surprising.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone if he turns his head to him every time. 

  3. Jofra Archer – Rajasthan Royals

Jofra Archer, a name that has attracted a lot of attention due to his performance as a big boss, was one of the most targeted foreign players in the Indian Premier League. Their true self may not be reflected on paper, but the immense talent and skill they possess can naturally join any team.

Since his debut in 2018, he has participated in 21 games and managed to take 26 gates while maintaining an average of 23.69 with a decent economy of 7.53.  These numbers may not be missing, but the 24-year-old versatile bowling has the talent to make every drummer sweat.

With his real speed and art, he can play with ease in all situations. Due to the lack of a melon other than him and Jaydev Unadkat on the Rajasthan team, it will be difficult for Steve Smith to select the melon in difficult conditions. 

Anyway, Archer has a proven record for Super Over.

  4. Pat Cummins – Kolkata Knight Horsemen

This year’s most expensive auction purchase, Pat Cummins, will be part of the Kolkata Knight Riders team for the 2020 season of the Indian Premier League. Cummins is coming to IPL this season and will appear for the Australian team all year. In 2019, he had a ball in his hand.

Such an expensive burden is terrible for every player, it is not the case with Cummins.  As far as he knows, he will keep his head bowed and do his best to keep the trust of whole team.

The fact that KKR management threw away this insane amount of money shortly before the big auction in 2021 because of returns. They don’t want to lose in tough situations. As a result, this puts Cummins at the top of the list of bowlers who will play for the Kolkata-based franchise this season.

  5. Kagiso Rabada – Capitals of Delhi

South Africa, the incredible talent of Kagiso Rabada, is one of the most influential young players the IPL has known so far. In his first season of 2017, he only played 6 games and won the same wicket.  In fact, the became famous in the 2019 league.

In 18 games, he was responsible for the dismissal of 31 drummers.  And these numbers are impressive in every way.

Rabada has had total success since its inception at the highest level of the game. He managed to become one of the spearheads of the bowling. Although he had no experience in tough situations, he can pass the test depending on his skill and craft.

Rabada is an important player for the team. And given the captain’s style and Shreyas Iyer’s team composition, Rabada will be responsible for handling the ball every time the team is in the Super Over.

  6. Dale Steyn – Royal Challengers Bangalore

Stan Gun “As the fans call him, Dale Steyn is definitely the man we can say that the form is only temporary, but the class is permanent,” without hesitation.  Stan, who played his last game for South Africa, retired the longest and promised to play in the Big Bash League for the first time in his career.

It also helped him make an international comeback when he was declared a member of the Proteas team for the series against England.  Although he accelerated at the age of 36, he is still able to break any set of rules in the world.

His speed and toes that crush the toes are enough to make any drummer think before he hits him hard.  He is still able to make these terrible deliveries whenever necessary.  Once the BBL was decent enough, Steyn would try to beat her in the IPL, which led to his rivalry with the South African team for the next World T20.

  7. Deepak Chahar – Chennai Super Kings

Deepak Chahar joined the Indian team after a famous IPL season. Last season, he had a few moments that made everyone think that he was unable to reach the highest level. Guess what? He never backed down. He rebounded and proved his potential recklessly.

With the support and advice of a legendary player like MS Dhoni, followed by a giant fan, CSK wants Deepak to put a massive strain on his young shoulders every time he enters the field. 

When the team supports him, he becomes a beast out of the blue.

After having a good time with the Indian team in 2019, the IPL 2020 will be of great importance for Chahar, who will strive for a place in the Indian team for the World T20. 

Since much of the season finale will take place, the games will necessarily be played in the Super Over. As everyone knows, MS won’t hesitate to give CSK the ball in the Super Over.

Deepak will have the chance to prove its full potential.

  8. Jaspreet Bumrah – Mumbai Indians

Jaspreet Bumrah is one of the best pacemakers in international cricket. He’s the man who keeps the scene of any format or a game of cricket going in all difficult situations. With the ball in hand, Bumrah can do wonders, and in IPL nobody can trust the ball as much as Bumrah.

His Yorker is unbeatable. He has awesome control over the speed of the ball.  Everyone can see how this man plays bowling. You name a delivery in a way, and Bumrah will be there to prepare it with complete control and perfection.

Given his talent and near-perfect execution, a certain winning bet can be placed on the fact that Bumrah will be a part of the team he wants. 

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